In March 2020 as New Zealand and the rest of the world went into lockdown, the global stocks of hand sanitiser were being depleted at such a rate that the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a basic “recipe” for those able to produce their own basic hand sanitiser. Unfortunately, without any regulation or minimum standard many of the solutions often caused more harm than good.

Recoginising that New Zealanders needed a high quality, scientifically formulated product that not only met the WHO requirements but gave consumers a positive experience, we set out to make NZ’s first hydrating hand sanitiser.

After 5 months, endless testing and formulation variations we are proud to bring you Wai-Ma, Maori for 'Clean Water'.

Wai-Ma is formulated and created right here in New Zealand using 99.4% nature derived ingredients, including Harakeke (Flax Extract) and Sweet Orange Oil to provide a pleasant smell, while protecting the skin and providing long lasting hydration. Wai-Ma also contains 69% Ethyl Alcohol, which kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.